1) Where is your cell phone?
=here by me

2) Relationship?
=taken Olredi ! (;

3) Your hair?
=panjang mengurai cam mayang mengurai dan mungkin boleh jd model utk herbal essences pd masa akn dtg kerana wangi..^^, hee

4) Work?
=menjadi maid moden di rumah sempena cuti sem. .. yippiieeyy!

5) Your sisters?
=sOrg jer..

6) Your favorite thing?
=lappy + phOne + sO many thingz lar..

7) Your dream last night?
=ermm, TERlupa dee.. heeee

8) Your favorite drink?
=sOya bean satuuuuuuu.!! ;D

9) Your dream car?
=fair.lady z ! caya lar..

10) Your shoes?
=hanya bbrapa psg shja !

11) Your fears?
=ALLAH s.w.t

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?
=menjadi seorang yg berjaya dan KAYA + isteri dan mama yg jelita.. tettt.. **buat tidak nampak di situ okeh. :p

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
=arr.. my tettttt! ;))

14) What are you not good at?
=tO b punctual.. =.='

15) One of your wish list items?
=aaaa... i.phOne 'kOwt'..

16) Where you grew up?
=born at qnak, sabah.. im prOud tO b SABAH.an.. (;

17) Last thing you did?
=TERperuk dlm blk.. ngdap lappy hmpr shrian.. =.='

18) What are you wearing?
=green t'shirt + trek.shirt. **tu pun nk tanya.. =.="

19) What aren’t you wearing?
=scarf. sbb x'biasa.. (:

20) Your pet?
=it use.tO.be cat ! ;((

21) Your life?
=On9.ing+text.ing+study.ing+enjOy.ing ((;

22) Missing?
=her + him + them !!

23) What are you thinking about right now?
=keep On9.ing/blOg.ing + him??. huh.! evndO, im queit HUNGRY maaa.

24) Your car?
=my "feet" .. heheee

25) Your kitchen?
=dapur mama.. :p

26) Your favorite color?
=blue+black+white fOr sure.! :D

27) Last time you laughed?
=ermm.. keep thinkin'

28) Last time you cried?
=@my rOom, ms dkt kOlej. missin' ma mOm bad.ly !

29) Love?
=lurve is chenta ! mad.ly in lurve ... xOxO

30) tomorrow?
=neva die! heee' . esOk RAYA daa ! hOorraayyyyy`

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